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Pediatric Resources

By far the most comprehensive source of high quality information regarding children and their health issues is the Healthy Children website hosted by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Its web address and a small sampling of the topics addressed there is listed below. When you have a question regarding children’s health issues, either call the office or start your search there.

Adult Resources

Good sources of information on adult health topics are much more diverse. A good starting point is the American College of Physicians’ Patient Education Center or MedlinePlus. They include both succinct written summaries as well as informative on-line videos addressing many medical conditions. Check out the videos on how to use an inhaler or how to take your blood pressure! The two portals and a sample of topic links are listed below. There are disease specific web sites that are unsurpassed for specific conditions. For example the American Diabetes Association is the single most useful source of diabetes information for both physicians and patients.

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