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Ridgewood Med-Peds is a NCQA Certified Patient-Centered Medical Home

What is a “Patient-Centered Medical Home?”

A Patient-Centered Medical Home is a system of care in which a team of health professionals work together with you, the patient (and where appropriate, your family), to provide you with the best possible health care. Your primary care provider leads the care team which may include nurses, medical assistants, receptionists, specialists, or other health care professionals. Together, we work with you so that you get the necessary care when and where you need it, in a manner you can understand. A Patient-Centered Medical Home improves experiences for patients, providers and staff.

How does a Patient-Centered Medical Home benefit me?

In a medical home, your care team:

  • Strives to know you and your health history so we can suggest treatment options that are best suited for you.
  • Will focus on preventative care to keep you as healthy as possible.
  • Makes sure you understand your condition(s) and how to best take care of yourself. We help you understand your care options and involve you in decisions about your care.
  • Helps you coordinate your health care across multiple settings by making appointments and making sure that specialists have the information they need to care for you.
  • Uses technology to share information, eliminate duplicate testing, and keep all of your health records in one place.

Our Focus

  • Patient-Centered Access
  • Team-Based Care
  • Population Health Management
  • Care Management and Support
  • Care Coordination and Care
  • Performance Measurement and Quality Improvement

For further information and benefits of a Patient-Centered Medical Home, please visit the National Committee for Quality Assurance [NCQA] site.

Ridgewood Med-Peds Named A Provider of America’s Most Valuable Care

A nationwide study conducted by Stanford, through the Peterson Center on Healthcare, identified Ridgewood Med-Peds as 1 of 11 primary care practices in the country (of over 15,000 studied) delivering significantly higher-quality care—at a substantially lower cost—than nearly all of its peers across the United States. Our Ridgewood Med-Peds practice not only has higher clinical and functional outcomes, we have patients who are highly satisfied with the care they receive, and have high-functioning teams who are deeply satisfied in their work. See the full articles Uncovering America’s Most Valuable Care and the accompanying local press release.

Characteristics of High-Value Providers

  • Always On
  • Conscientious Conservation
  • Complaints are Gold
  • Responsible In-Sourcing
  • Staying Close
  • Closing the Loop
  • Up-shifted Staff Roles
  • Hived Workstations
  • Balanced Compensation
  • Investment in People, Not Space and Equipment
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