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Front Office Staff

Our phone secretaries: Nicole, Ashley, Teri, Karen H and Jean answer your phone calls on Monday – Thursday from 8:30 AM -11:45 AM and 12:45 PM – 7:00 PM, Friday from 8:30 AM -11:45 AM and 12:45 PM – 4:45 PM and Saturdays from 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

They can help you make or change an appointment or take messages regarding prescription fills, referrals, diagnostic tests, and medical or office policy questions or concerns.

Karen H also coordinates the release of medical records when you request it and facilitates obtaining prior records for new patients. She can also be found preparing patients for their visits with the nurses.

Karen B greets you when you enter and is happy to assist you with checking-in for your appointment. She will ask you to verify that we have the correct insurance information, address, and phone numbers.

Mindy facilitates the check out process. During this time, you will pay your bill or co-payment, schedule appointments, and get information about referrals or further diagnostic testing.

Donna works hard to ensure all rooms are stocked to minimize time spent by providers looking for supplies. She is our primary document scanner and also coordinates ordering for the practice. She fills in on phones and assists with check in and check out coverage over lunches, or and any other tasks that need attention.

Nicole Curcio Ridgewood Med-Peds
Nicole Curcio
AShley Crawford Ridgewood Med-Peds
Ashley Crawford
Teri Werner Ridgewood Med-Peds
Teri Werner
Karen Hughes Ridgewood Med-Peds
Karen Hughes
Jean Evans Ridgewood Med-Peds
Jean Evans
Karen Berry Ridgewood Med-Peds
Karen Berry
Mindy Hinchcliff Ridgewood Med-Peds
Mindy Hinchcliff
Donna Ambeau Ridgewood Med-Peds
Donna Ambeau

Nursing Staff

Our fulltime nurses Debbie, Julie, Stephanie, Paula and Phil are always happy to meet your medical care needs.  You might also see our part-time nurse, Pam (not pictured). When you are in the office they will assist you as you proceed to an exam room. They are available to help you with your forms, medication refills and answer your questions.

Debbie Parr Ridgewood Med-Peds
Debbie Parr
Julie Wilder Ridgewood Med-Peds
Julie Wilder
Stephanie nichols Ridgewood Med-Peds
Stephanie Nichols
Paula Brooks Ridgewood Med-Peds
Paula Brooks
Philip Lombardo Ridgewood Med-Peds
Philip Lombardo

Administrative, Insurance & Billing Staff

Diana and Jeanette take care of our billing and insurance claims. They do their best to keep up with your updated insurance information and the changing insurance requirements.

You can reach them at 225-1700 ext. 235 or 218. If you have questions, you may also email Diana at

JoAnne is our Practice Administrator / Office Manager. She works to coordinate support to our entire team and welcomes your feedback in all areas of service we provide to our patients. If you have questions, you may email JoAnne at or call 225-1700 ext. 236.

Dianan Curcio Ridgewood Med-Peds
Diana Curcio
Jeanette Carbone Ridgewood Med-Peds
Jeanette Carbone
Jo Anne Fournier Ridgewood Med-Peds
Jo Anne Fournier
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